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Welcome.  Parish life at The Church of St, Simon the Cyrenian encompasses many parts of who we are and how we worship. We hope that you find the information that  encourages you need to be more active in the parish and in liturgy. If you are new to lower Westchester County, you will find information that you need to become part of the parish community, even if you are not Episcopalian but wish to join the parish and become active in ministry and parish life. 

“Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body, the Church” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 298).

In the waters of baptism we are lovingly adopted by God into God’s family, which we call the Church, and given God’s own life to share and reminded that nothing can separate us from God’s love in Christ.

The Rite of Holy Baptism can be found on pp. 297-308 of the Book of Common Prayer.

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The Sacrament of Confirmation is defined as a "mature public affirmation" of faith. (Book of Common Prayer, p.412.)

For those baptized as infants or young children, it serves to confirm the vows that were made at the baptism. For adults growing in their faith journey, Confirmation recognizes a maturing faith.

Those desiring to be confirmed must be baptized, and have completed a course of instruction. Confirmation is performed by a Bishop with the laying on of hands.

The death of a member of the Church should be reported as soon as possible to the priest of the congregation. If death is imminent, it is always appropriate to call the priest and have him or her present. Please see Page 490 of The Book of Common Prayer.

The Church of St. Simon the Cyrenian has held, and will continue to hold, services for non-members where for various reasons the family of the deceased wishes the person to have an Episcopal service. Those arrangements should be made with the Rector of the Parish

First of all, best wishes on your engagement! We at The Church of St, Simon the Cyrenian are delighted that you are seeking God's blessing on your marriage. 


Please contact our Priest for the details of the customary guidelines for being married here.  Please remember that the Episcopal Church is bound by Canon and takes the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and the service itself very seriously.


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